BoM Commentary

I'm attempting kind of a large project.

Since I realized that I haven't read a word of the Book of Mormon since I left the church, I thought it might be interesting to read it again with my new perspective.  So I'm attempting to go through the entire Book of Mormon and write a post about each chapter.  Each post will contain problems I find in the chapter, such as contradictions, doctrine that doesn't match current church teachings, or evidence that the Book of Mormon is a work of fiction.

For your reading pleasure, here is the completed lineup of commentary and criticism:

1 Nephi 
1. The Cold Open
2. Modern Comparisons
3. Going and Doing
4. The Heist
5. Plate-gasm
6. Damage Assessment
7. Family Ties
8. God Pulls a Dom Cobb
9. A Shell Game...With Plates
10. Who's Confused?
11. The Tree of Life, Digitally Remastered
12. Generalized Characterization
13. Delusionist History
14. So Much Logic
15. A Character Study
16. Desert Fever
17. More Sibling Rivalry
18. The Poseidon Adventure
19. The Likening
20. Commercial Break
21. Under-Abridged
22. Nephi Babbles

2 Nephi
1. Famous Last Words
2. Predicting Dystopia
3. Overestimation
4. Truth Table
5. Beauty, Thy Name is Loathsomeness
6. The Former Latter Days
7. Filler
8. Poetic Filler
9. Doubt Your Learning Before You Doubt Your Fate
10. Jacob and his Prophesying
11. Logic and Revelation
12. Nothing to See Here
13. Isaiah, Digitally Remastered
14. Isaiah, the Making-of Featurette
15. Isaiah, Alternate Camera Angle
16. Isaiah, Cast Commentary
17. Isaiah, Original Storyboards
18. Isaiah, Fullscreen Version
19. Isaiah, Trailers for Upcoming Releases
20. Isaiah, Interactive Maps
21. Isaiah, Deleted Scenes
22. Isaiah, Director's Cut
23. Isaiah, Production Notes
24. Isaiah, Alternate Ending
25. A Little Breather
26. A Just God, his Virtuous Servant, and their Equal Followers
27. The One With the Sealed Book
28. Their Works Shall Be in the Dark
29. A Bible! A Bible!
30. Every God's a Little Bit Racist
31. The Plain of Our Endurance
32. Spirits and Answers
33. Nephi's Clumsy Closer

1. Growing Pains
2. State of the Union
3. Scumbag God
4. Phenomenal Cosmic Power
5. The Clusterfuck of the Olive Tree
6. Badly in Need of a Retcon
7. Sherem and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

1. Marathon Man

1. The Dudes Abide

1. The Joining of Ways

Words of Mormon
1. Editor's Notes

1. Father to Son, Again
2. The Curious Case of Benjamin's Oration
3. Under God's Thumb
4. Inadequacy, Guilt, and Paranoia
5. Mass Conversion
6. Nephite Politics
7. Limhi's an Idiot
8. The Mystery of the Jaredites
9. Zeniff's an Idiot
10. Good Thing the Nephites Didn't Have Nuclear Subs
11. Fat Guy in a Purple Coat
12. Abinadi's Soapbox
13. Abinadi's Soapbox, Part II
14. Abinadi's Soapbox, Part III
15. Abinadi's Soapbox, Part IV
16. Abinadi's Soapbox, Part V
17. When God Kills One Prophet, He Taps Another
18. The Church of Alma
19. Things Fall Apart
20. Eagle Eye Limhi
21. Limhi's Idiocy Knows No Bounds
22. The Great Escape
23. Sucks to be Alma
24. The Greater Escape
25. The Zarahemlan Melting Pot
26. Alma's On-the-Job Training
27. Persecution, Schmersecution
28. Backdoor Pilot
29. No More Kings...Eventually

1. Nehor the Horrible
2. Alma, Warrior-Monk
3. Curses, Works, and Eternal Fates
4. Alma's Absurd Abdication
5. Discretionary Agency
6. Church Discipline
7. Alma's Stump Speech
8. Angelic Reprise
9. Alma the Insult Comic
10. Rabble Rousing
11. Zeezrom's Diabolical Cleverness
12. Worst. Sermon. Ever.
13. Alma Was Born a Ramblin' Man
14. Death, Death, and More Death
15. Sanctuary in Sidom
16. Continual War
17. Defender of the Sheep
18. Ammon is Pretty Much Awesome
19. Low Blood Pressure
20. Everybody Gets Threatened
21. Aaron's Side Quest
22. Here We Go Again
23. Mormon Mania
24. The Anti-Nephi-Lehies' Last Stand
25. Just Desserts
26. Ammon Bloviates
27. You Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee
28. A Bigger, Better War
29. O That I Were an Angel
30. Korihor the Not-So-Terrible-After-All
31. Another Competing Religion
32. Faith is Like a Bad Acid Trip
33. Dead Prophets Society
34. The Celestial Justice System
35. Shortsighted Foreign Policy
36. More Fatherly Advice
37. Wisdomy Wisdom
38. Bad God
39. Sex is Death
40. Afterlife Guesswork
41. Afterlife May Be Subject to Change
42. The Plan of Coercion
43. Moroni Wins Big
44. Moroni's First War Crime
45. Alma's Last Words
46. The Title of Gliberty
47. The Impossible Coup
48. Horrible Role Models
49. Tower Defense
50. Morianton-Gate
51. A Political Diversion
52. The Mulek Stratagem
53. Another Wartime Intermission
54. Moroni and Ammoron are Both Idiots
55. The Rescue-Heist-Attack
56. Armies of Helaman
57. Pesky Prisoner Problems
58. The Manti Stratagem
59. Moroni Screws the Pooch
60. Moroni's Maximum Madness
61. Pahoran is an Idiot
62. The Nephihah Stratagem
63. Epilogue

1. More Bad Stuff Happens
2. The Rise of Gadianton
3. Logistical Issues
4. Things Fall Apart Again
5. Prison Charlie Foxtrot
6. Corrupting the Ante
7. Nephi Works the Crowd
8. On Proof and Prophets
9. Nephite Noir
11. Nephi Becomes Omnipotent
11. God's Hunger Games
12. God Hates Us All
13. Another Prick on the Wall
14. Another Prick on the Wall, Part II
15. Another Prick on the Wall, Part III
16. Something Something Something Prophecies

3 Nephi

1. Helaman Reloaded
2. The Great Un-Schism
3. The Robbers Resurface, Again
4. A Chicken Couldn't Live on that Ground
5. B-Movie Dialogue
6. Trouble in Paradise
7. The Return of Nephi
8. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
9. A voice in the Darkness, a Knock at the Door
10. The Fog is Lifted
11. Hypercube of Hypocrisy
12. The Sermon on the Rubble
13. The Sermon on the Rubble, Part II
14. The Sermon on the Rubble, Part III
15. Additional Notes on the Sermon on the Rubble
16. A Pointless Warning
17. Overblown Nonsense
18. Compare and Contrast
19. In Which Jesus is Terrible at his Job
20. More of That Jesus Stuff
21. If/Then/Else/Never
22. Because You Can Never Have Too Much Isaiah
23. Jesus Likes Scriptures
24. Schoolyard Gods
25. Glossing Over
26. Haven't We Been Here Before
27. Multiple Logical Thickets
28. Jesus's Parting Gifts
29. Mormon Gets Dark
30. Low-Fat Filler

4 Nephi
1. Social Decline Montage

1. Iniquity Abounds, as Iniquity is Wont to Do
2. War and Peace
3. Down the Toilet Bowl
4. Death and Judgment
5. Two Minutes to Midnight
6. Force Depletion
7. Mormon Gets Real for a Minute
8. No Man is an Island, Except Moroni
9. Don't Stop Believin'

1.  The Book of Mormon Reboot
2.  Back to the Future
3.  Light My Way
4.  Primitive Doctrine
5.  Witnesses on Trial
6.  The Incredible Journey
7.  More of the Same
8.  Our God is an Awful God
9.  Good Kings, Bad Kings, Sane Kings, or Mad Kings
10.  King-Mart, Kings R Us, Kingboxes Etc.
11.  More Jaredite Nonsense
12.  Faith-uh Faith-uh Faith-ahhh
13.  Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
14.  Countdown to Extinction
15.  The End of the World As We Know It

1.  Last of the Time Lords
2.  DVD Extras
3.  The Six-and-a-half-th Article of Faith
4.  Bless and Sanctify
5.  Bless and Sanctify 2
6.  Idealized Flashback
7.  Contradictation
8.  Priority Mail
9.  Mormon's Final Wish
10.  All Bad Things Must Come to an End

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