Greatest Lights

Not every post is a home run, especially when I'm approaching the four hundred mark and many of my rants were written in some kind of half-delirious, sleep-deprived stupor.  But here are some of the posts I'm most proud of and some of the posts that have generated the most interesting discussion:

Devil Church (December 2018)
Baptizing the Brainwashed (August 2018)
Some Things that are Useful are Not True (May 2018)

God's Compelling Witness:  The Book of Mormon (December 2017)
Eclipsing the Truth (September 2017)
An Ex-Mormon Object Lesson (February 2017)

The C-Word (August 2016)
Poetry and Self-Loathing in Mormonism (February 2016)

A Little Research Goes a Long Way (September 2015)
To Anyone Experiencing a Faith Crisis (May 2015)
The True Message of God's Not Dead (March 2015)

Hard to Watch (December 2014)
How Mormonism is Like Supernatural Fandom (October 2014)

Jacob 5:  The Clusterfuck of the Olive Tree (May 2013)
"Do You Think We're Stupid?" (April 2013)
Gay Marriage RAGE (April 2013)

Gay People Aren't Poisonous (March 2012)

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