Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mormon-Themed Memes 8

mormon meme polygamy

mormon meme godhood

mormon meme testimony

god's church is constant

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  1. Just thought I'd share something I wrote as a lifelong non-member who grew up and lives in the heart of Mormon country.

    1. Damn. Reading through all that really makes me glad that I'm on the East coast, where almost nobody gives a crap that I'm not Mormon.

      While I can't say I've experienced that kind of thing to the same depth that you have, I definitely recognized many of the most contemptible earmarks of Mormon culture. And I spotted a few things that I was guilty of myself (although thankfully I was never moronic enough to stoop to the level of #7...just wow).

      The overwhelming majority of the online "anti-Mormon" community is made up of exmos, so it was actually fascinating and kind of refreshing to read something from a nevermo perspective. I really appreciate you sharing that.

    2. Thanks for reading it. It's definitely interesting to think about what it's been like to be the outsider in Utah County. Everyone assumes your Mormon, so it's always fun to see reactions people have when they find out your not. They range from genuine interest to disappointment.

      Is it okay if I put links to some of your posts on my blog?

    3. Sorry about the deleted comment. It was the same as my above reply. I just moved it to a "reply" instead of a "comment."

    4. What boggles my mind about your situation is that, according to Wikipedia, Utah County is only 88.1% Mormon. So conceivably, more than one out of every ten people you meet should be something other than Mormon. Seems silly to assume everyone is LDS. If the saturation was upwards of 99%, it would make more sense to me, but they're alienating more than a tenth of their community with that assumption.

      And's totally cool that you've linked to this site on your blog. Flattering, really.

    5. Yeah, if you live in Utah County, are white, clean shaven, and don't have any visible tattoos, it's still assumed that you're Mormon.

    6. Ah. And those must be the sources of the "you're more Mormon than my missionary son" comments. That's unfortunate.

    7. And of those 88.1%, I wonder how many of them are like me wanting a smooth way out but having to work through family issues to do it. Your Provonomo piece is great. I live in Utah County, and I see that stuff everyday. Non-Mormon kids have to go through a lot because of how indoctrinated the Mormon kids are. It's sad.

    8. I am lds,live in Taylorsville and I teach my kids to be friends with everyone. Not just lds. I believe that there is good in everyone. I teach my kids right from wrong and teach them to trust in God and pray to Him to understand truth. I believe that everyone needs to come to know Christ personally. I don't call it indoctrination, I call it just like the Bible says, revelation. That's when we make a connection with God and understand for ourselves and not because someone said so. That's what I teach my kids. And in everything we can come to know through the power of the spirit. And although people will see things different than me I respect their beliefs as well. The way I see it we're all part of the same family, children of God.

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