Greatest Lights

Not every post is a home run, especially when I'm approaching the four hundred mark and many of my rants were written in some kind of half-delirious, sleep-deprived stupor.  But here are some of the posts I'm most proud of and some of the posts that have generated the most interesting discussion:

Gay People Aren't Poisonous (March 2012)
The Four Other Types of Sunday School Answers (June 2012)

Gay Marriage RAGE (April 2013)
"Do You Think We're Stupid?" (April 2013)
Jacob 5:  The Clusterfuck of the Olive Tree (May 2013)

The World With Which We Are Presented (March 2014)
The Real Responsibilities of Parents (April 2014)
How Mormonism is Like Supernatural Fandom (October 2014)
Preventing Abuse...or Why Mormonism is Better than America (November 2014)
Hard to Watch (December 2014)

The True Message of God's Not Dead (March 2015)
To Anyone Experiencing a Faith Crisis (May 2015)
My Old Arguments Against Gay Marriage (June 2015)
A Little Research Goes a Long Way (September 2015)

Poetry and Self-Loathing in Mormonism (February 2016)
A Friend's Coming-Out Moment (June 2016)
The C-Word (August 2016)

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