Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mosiah 14: Abinadi's Soapbox, Part III

Now that King Noah's priests are for some reason paying close attention to his words, Abinadi does the only smart thing and starts quoting Isaiah.

Not this crap again.

Over these twelve verses, there aren't many notable changes to Isaiah 53.  Abinadi-slash-Mormon-slash-Joseph-Smith-slash-any-edits-the-LDS-church-may-have-made amounts to very little of import.  As best I can tell, three commas were removed.  Two commas were added.  Eleven colons were replaced with semicolons.  The lowercase letter F was capitalized.  The words "a" and "of" were removed.  "Hath" became "has."  "Iniquity" and "transgression" were pluralized.  "Openeth" became "opened."  "Bare the sin" became "bore the sins."  Here is the only change that I found that even approaches something noteworthy:
Isaiah:  "He had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth."
Abinadi:  "He had done no evil, neither was any deceit in his mouth." 
If you ask me, that's not even a good change.  Violence and deceit are both bad, but they're separate things.  Deceit is a subset of evil.  Obviously, if he didn't do any evil, he also had no deceit in his mouth.  I think Isaiah's version makes more sense logically and poetically.  But somehow this is the most important change made to this chapter.

If the Bible had many "plain and precious" truths removed from it by evil men over the last two thousand years or so and the Book of Mormon is the untainted word of God received by pure revelation, why doesn't the Book of Mormon quote more of the parts of the original Bible that the evil men changed?  Wouldn't it be useful to have this second testament of Jesus Christ correct the parts of the Bible that are supposedly wrong?  Why all this direct quoting with only a few edits to the grammar and punctuation?

And, more importantly, why the hell are the wicked priests still standing there and listening to Abinadi spouting this pointless drivel?