Friday, June 16, 2017

Spreading the Un-gospel

A few weeks ago, I received a negative review of Their Works Shall Be in the Dark.  But this was different from the others because it was actually pretty encouraging:
So this person had some not-so-nice things to say about the book itself, which is fine.  It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, and that applies to the style, not just to the subject matter.  What was awesome about this review is what caused it in the first place.  It looks to me like someone who shares my, um, agenda, used my novel as a way to try to propagate the truth about the church.

And by "the truth about the church," I'm referring, of course, to the fact that the church is not true.

I did make an effort to take a moderate approach in my book rather than writing a story full of one-sided arguments and unfiltered hatred.  So perhaps recommending the book may be more likely to make a Mormon think about things differently than, say, sending him a copy of the CES Letter.  Maybe it's more likely to elicit thoughtful consideration rather than a knee-jerk reaction.  And it's pretty cool to think that someone actually tried to do this.

It seems that it didn't have the desired effect, which is unfortunate.  But to whomever recommended my book to this guy, thanks for trying!  I'm sorry it didn't work!


  1. Yeah that's pretty cool. Way to go whoever shared it with their friend!

    Too bad they didn't give reasons why they think you're "not a very good writer" other than they didn't like your "agenda" To me, that's lame. Criticism should be backed up with evidence. Too bad they didn't finish the book. Also too bad the person didn't read your BOM commentary on the blog, with an open mind, because in those blog pages you use evidence chapter by chapter to show how poor Joseph Smith's writing was and how the BOM is not true.

    Keep up the great work! I can see the image for the 2016 Bodie Award you won for your Book on this page right now as I write, that's something to be super proud of.

    1. Well, thank you, as always!

      I think you'd need a much more open mind to read the BOM commentary than to read the book, though...on the blog I'm way more aggressively and transparently against the church!

    2. That's certainly true and with good reason. The Book of Mormon should be read critically, but Mormons refuse to do it. Why do they need to critique a "perfect" book?

      The thing is, if a person's faith is in a place that they have to avoid any chance it may be challenged, how strong is it in the first place. It amazes me in Utah how many people home school or charter school their kids with the express purpose of sheltering them from anything not faith promoting. It's indoctrination.