Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Perfect Visual Metaphor for Mormonism

In my electronic travels this week, I stumbled across a marvelous video that struck me as being both hilarious and shockingly descriptive of the LDS experience.  I present to you a Meaningful Metaphor of Mormonism:
(this is pretty awful quality, there's a much better one on imgur)

Now, obviously, this is open to interpretation, but here's my take:  The left side of the screen represents birth, the right side represents happiness, the spinning dial in the center represents the difficulties that life throws at us, and the people depicted are behaving according to what the church tells them.  The way they keep trying to run after they've fallen down illustrates that, even after the church defeats its members, they still think they need to be doing more.

Just look at the mess.

I just found the original video!  Looks like a few of the earlier runners made it through.  That might weaken my interpretation a little, though.

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