Friday, July 12, 2013

Shameless Self-Promotion

I wrote a book!

No, it's not a scathing memoir about the church's wackiness, like The Passion of the Raptor Jesus.  Nor is it a thought-provoking chronicle of an LDS mission, like Heaven Up Here.  In fact, it has pretty much nothing to do with Mormonism at all, which makes the self-promotion all the more shameless.

It's a novel.  It follows the life of a kind-of-down-on-his-luck community college student in his attempts to find success, happiness, love and sex.  It took me several years of tinkering to complete it and I'm proud of the finished product.  My friends seem to think it's pretty funny and most of them have healthy senses of humor, so they could be right!

I guess the only ex-Mormon-blog-related point I could make here is that, because of the language and the sexual themes, I could never have written something like this as a faithful member of the church.  One more reason why leaving was a good call.

Anyway, if you have a few extra bucks and a free afternoon sometime, I hope you'll check it out.  Thanks!

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  1. Sounds cool!! I'd love to review it for MSP. I've been following your blog for a while -- you may know me as "chanson" from Main Street Plaza and Mormon Alumni Association Books. Email me: chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com. :D

    1. Not gonna lie, that would be pretty great! But I don't know that it would really fit in thematically with the other books you've reviewed. It has nothing to do with Mormonism.

  2. Congratulations, and thanks for the heads up on your book coming out. As a fan of your writing, I was glad to find more to read. I bought it on Friday and read it Saturday. It was a bargain at $2.99 for the Kindle version. Here are some thoughts:

    1) Funny. I laughed out loud, many times.
    2) Sex. As advertised.
    3) Swearing. It would get an R rating.
    4) Unpredictable.
    5) Overall, I enjoyed the book. I read it entirely in one sitting, and it is not short.
    6) Since I was raised as a good Mormon boy, this book reminded me of what I missed out on growing up, for good or bad.
    7) Finally, the main character works fast food, was a young college student, has a blog, has a fascination with boobs (which makes him a typical guy), and has trouble dating. He is a lot like me in my twenties, except for the blog, of course. They didn't exist when I went to college. Oh, and I never had a hot girlfriend until I met my awesomely gorgeous wife.

    1. Thanks for the support! I really appreciate it. And considering that so far it's been mostly distributed just among my friends, it's nice to hear some positive feedback from someone who doesn't feel obligated to say something nice!