Wednesday, January 9, 2013

David Twede's Post-MormonThink Internet Presence

Why did nobody tell me that David Twede, a former editor of MormonThink--and now a former Mormon--started a blog?

I mean, I'm not insanely active in the ex-Mormon internet world, but I read several blogs, peruse Main Street Plaza and post semi-regularly on Recovery from Mormonism.  How did this escape my notice?

I thought the guy was pretty awesome.  He seemed interested in a complete, balanced assessment of facts, and when the church made it clear to him that they were not interested in a complete, balanced assessment of facts, he resigned.

He's titled his blog A Paisley Perestroika in reference to his late-September post calling for LDS members to wear paisley to church as a means of showing support for a push to influence the church to stop hoarding money and start living up to its claim of Christian generosity.  (That sounds pretty dumb in summary, but he explains it a little more eloquently than I did--it actually makes sense.)

Anyway, if this bit of news has somehow eluded your awareness as well, I'd recommend checking David's blog out.  He's a knowledgeable and reputable (at least in my opinion) source and he knows how to write and he definitely knows how to do his research.  There's some good stuff on there.

And I didn't know about it until today.  Maybe it was the spirit in action, trying to preserve the last shreds of my testimo--hahaha, who am I kidding?

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