Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I've Been Found!

There was a little card stuck on my front door today.

The front of it has a few pictures of some people looking deliriously happy with the words "I'm a mormon" next to them. 

Ho boy.
Here's what the back of the card said:
Hey we were just looking to visit with an Alex [my last name].  Could you give us a call or text us to let us know if he still lives here.  Hope you have a good night.
And then, scrawled sideways near the bottom of the card (because they'd written a message too long for the space provided) was a phone number and the names of two missionaries.

My first thought was, "This is exactly the kind of crap I've been reading about on the exmormon.org forums!"

The church is not supposed to have my address.  I live about ten minutes away from my parents, and about two years ago, my mom mentioned to me that the ward boundaries had changed and that I was no longer in the same ward.  She asked if she could give them my address since I no longer had family in my "new" ward.  I looked at her sideways and said (as gently as I could), "What would they need my address for?"

Does this mean she gave it to them anyway?  Actually, it means she (or maybe my dad) gave them my new address, since I moved a couple blocks down the street a few months later.

Of all the horrible stories I've heard from people who have left the church, I'd always thought how fortunate I was.  My family, though clearly against what I've done, has made a great effort to stay in touch with me and on to stay good terms.  I've read stories about people moving across the country and then having family members tell the local church leaders where they live.  I always thought my family was above that.  Smarter.  More respectful.  Less hopelessly brainwashed.

Was I wrong?

And, more importantly, should I call the Elders back?  I kind of want to mess with them.

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