Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Gamer God

Mormons believe in what they call "Eternal Progression."   They believe that, if they sufficiently prove their worthiness to God, they will be made into gods as well, who will then reign over their own spirit offspring and create their own worlds for eternity.

It's a pretty awesome idea, but I also understand why it is that the majority of the Christian community doesn't really like the idea.  I guess claiming you can eventually be a god is kind of along the lines of polytheism, blasphemy and a whole bunch of other things that Christianity doesn't really...embrace.

If it were a reality, maybe Mormon heaven wouldn't be so bad. I'd get to play a souped-up version of SimCity for the rest of eternity.  I get tired of simulation games sometimes, but that's gotta beat an eternity in Hell, easily.  And if the current world becomes too boring, put it on a shelf and start a new one--you can come back the the old world with fresh eyes in a few thousand years.

Hey.  Maybe that explains the Great Apostasy--God got bored and went to work on another saved game for a while.  And maybe that's why God supposedly doesn't talk to the apostles personally anymore.  He's probably off working on another universe...the one he uses cheat codes in just to keep himself from getting bored with all the other imperfect societies he's created.

I expect to see "The Gamer God" doctrine in LDS Sunday School manuals sooner or later.  It totally jives with their views on the afterlife.

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